This past March I turned twenty-years old. I know scary right? It probably isn’t for most people, but for me ever since I hit 20 there have been haunting thoughts. Basically, that I only have 80 (if I’m lucky) years left to live and that just doesn’t seem as long of a time as it used to. These past 20 years I think about my life and for most of it I was in school. I attend Chapman University as a sophomore so I have two more years and then I’m done with school forever. It’s kind of sad to think about that everyone goes to school because that’s what society said we should do and is the “norm”. I think it is important to learn about past history to learn from it and to learn things that can help you be happy in the future while giving you the tools you’ll need to succeed.

If I only have 80 or less years left to live I better start moving. I’m extremely grateful that I have been able to attend school as long as I have, but I just feel like something is missing. I want to go out and try everything and see everything there is that this world has to offer. I often look at pictures of beautiful places and think to myself, “Wow that is really somewhere in the world, I could get up and go see it with my own eyes!” I’m happy I have this feeling at such a young age because it makes me want to spend every moment like its my last.

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Every decision I make who I involve in my life, what I put into my body, the daily activities I do are seen with this new perspective. If I only have ONE  life too live I’m not going to waste it. I’m going to surround myself with the one time friends that make me smile cheek to cheek. I’m going to eat foods that’ll help me stay strong, live longer, and aren’t damaging my body. Lastly, I’m going to do the activities in life that make me feel the happiest and most accomplished. Activities that involve traveling, being with the ones I love, helping those in need, and using
my creative ability to help others/ not letting it go to waste. I can’t be afraid of failing I at least have to try.





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