Run Away

I currently live in the Orange County area. My boyfriend and I are always looking for fun adventures to go on… And ones that won’t break the bank (we are college students)! Last year we were on our way to Vegas and we discovered a old mining town called Calico. If you are in to desert locations & hiking its an awesome place to go. That was the day he asked me to be his girlfriend… Flash forward a year later for our anniversary we went back & it had the exact same charm as when we first discovered it. From Orange County it took us about an hour & 30 minutes without traffic, but it differs depending on the traffic level!


Talking about not breaking the bank entry is free for kids under 5, ages between 6-15 is $5, and adults are $8. Once you get in there are a number of activities you can do. There are different mining tours & train tours. They also offer ghost tours every Saturday night, but they fill up weeks in advance so book ahead! They fill up so fast due to news of people having numerous encounters with ghosts. The day we went the tour filled up so unfortunately we didn’t go :/ We did take a tour though of the mining caves which was very fascinating.

They have a number of hand-crafted boutiquey styled stores, which I’m a huge fan of seeing. I love getting unique pieces from places that you can’t find anywhere else, that means a better chance of being original. They also have little museums showing how they lived back then & what the decor/interior design was like.



(It was really windy that day! As you can see above!)

I bet after all that exploring you’re getting hungry. Well they have a number of different restaurants that are affordable & quite delicious! And the views from some of the restaurants are incredible!DSCN1616.JPGDSCN1624.JPGDSCN1632.JPG


Before we left completely, we chased down the sunset & then went to the cutest restaurant I’ve ever been to that was 5 minutes away from Calico (if that). This restaurant called Peggy Sue’s has differently themed 50’s rooms within it. They even have a gift shop & don’t serve just one type of food. Every inch of that place had something interest and fun to look at, very appealing to the eye! You really feel like you are back in the past. I recommend everyone go to that place at least once in their life, you won’t find anything like it. I didn’t want to leave!






Ok yes yes I’m done. I’ll stop taking pictures!!



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